Bagging Instructions

All Ingestible items must be double bagged prior to Fumigation.

This includes all food items in your refrigerator and freezer.

All medications must be double bagged as well with all topical ointment medication.

Double Bag all oral items such as mouthwash and toothpaste.

Bag these Food items:

*Pretzels and other foods packaged in plastic bags need to be bagged or removed.

*Animal feed, like human food, needs to be bagged or removed.

*Foods packaged in cardboard boxes, like cereal, need to be bagged or removed because the interior plastic may not be airtight.

*Spices without their original manufacturer’s airtight seal intact must be bagged or removed.

*Eggs must be bagged or removed from the structure.

*Aspirin and other similar ingestible medications including topical ointments must be bagged or removed.

*Cottage cheese should be bagged or removed because re-sealable containers, including Tupperware and other storage containers, do not form airtight seals.

*Ice cubes should be discarded before the fumigation and the icemaker turned off.


Food Items that DO NOT NEED to be BAGGED:

*Unopened plastic bottles with manufacturer’s airtight seal intact can remain out.

*Canned products which are not open can remain out because unopened metal cans provide an airtight seal.

*When in doubt, take the food item out of the property or please contact our office for any additional questions at (714) 630-4010.