Fumigation Checklist

Access to property

*We must have keys to the structure prior to the Fumigation.

Signed Occupants Notice and Disclaimer

*This form must be signed and in our possession prior to the Fumigation.

Food must be DOUBLE bagged or removed

*This includes items in the refrigerator and freezer. Please read our Bagging Instructions for further information. All bags will be provided in advance.

Electricity must be on

*Fans and monitoring devices are used during the Fumigation which requires the use of electricity.

House Plants must be removed

*Plants left in the fumigated structure can die from exposure to the Fumigant used.

All Animals must be vacated

*This includes fish. Outdoor cats are recommended to be taken away from the fumigated structure and boarded. Dogs may not be left, or leashed inside the yard.

The Gas Company will be contacted by United National Exterminator on your behalf to have the gas scheduled for turn off on the day of the fumigation between 7:00am-11:30am and be scheduled for restoration between 12:00pm and 8:00pm on the day of re-entry.

Failure to comply with items listed on our checklist may result in the postponement of your fumigation.

Please contact our office at (714) 630-4010 if you have any further questions regarding the Fumigation Process.

Thank you,

United National Exterminator